Our Choices

These days, everybody talks about how green, or how sustainable, or even how nice their company is. We like that, because even though it’s the ‘thing’ right now, it’s certainly making our world a nicer place to live. And that’s something we’ve been a fan of since day one.

Alright, we’ve been more than a fan. Pardon our personal pat on the back, but we get excited every time we get to share that Third Street Chai was actually the first Fair Trade Certified chai in the world. And for the past 15 years, we’ve always been among the earliest adopters of other important stuff too – things like becoming a Zero Waste facility, caring deeply about the wellbeing of our suppliers and employees, and using wind credits to offset our energy use.

Here are a few more things we do to support the health and happiness of our planet, our partners and our community. We don’t do this stuff just because it makes us feel warm and fuzzy inside (even though it does, and we love that feeling) – we do it because each choice reflects who we are and impact we want to make on our world.


We owe a lot to our community (they’re the reason we’re here), so we return the favor whenever we can. We express our thanks in lots of ways, including things like helping to maintain the open spaces we all enjoy, supporting sustainability and social justice programs, and even sponsoring local cycling teams. There’s nothing like seeing your logo stretched over someone’s mammoth quads, that’s the truth.


We love composting, and not just because it’s neat to imagine trash helping your flowers grow. Last year alone we prevented the creation of almost 40,000 pounds of substances harmful to human health by composting, and sent over 200,000 pounds of compost to local, organic farmers. That same year, we saved 258 tons of greenhouse gases from entering the atmosphere.


Abandoned animals, homelessness, hunger – there’s lots of nasty stuff out there, and we’re honored to support the organizations devoted to offering a hand to people and pets that need it.