Ready To Drink Iced Teas and Lemonades in Single Serving Sizes
All 9 Flavors available at your
local Whole Foods Market
New Ready to Drink Iced Teas
Toasty Nutmeg. Creamy.
White Chocolate. A whimsical
blend of our favorite teas
('tis the Season, after all).
When the temperature dips & the snow starts to sprinkle, defrost your insides with Festivus.
Third Street Chai Festivus
Vanilla with cinnamon.
Cardamon with cloves.
Some pepper, just playfully.
Each hand-milled spice blends contentedly with the smoothest of teas, and a silky, delicately sweet Third Street blend is born.
Microbrewed in 3 stunning flavors
Third Street Chai
A squeeze of sunshine,
a dab of pucker (and some
ginger, if you please).
Freshly plucked lemons play with pure cane sugar in our juicy, organic lemonades.
Third Street Chai Ginger Lemonade!
Organic. Fair trade.
Locally milled,
blended & brewed.
We make our choices with
our earth, our community and
our suppliers in mind (and always will).
Third Street Chai
We’ll take the home.
You take the trail.
Chai and Lemonade lovers
happily find Third Street at the
most loved coffee shops in the
nation. Join them!
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Third Street Chai