This is our story

We are Third Street Chai, tea aficionados and brewing specialists. Our team of chai alchemists have perfected the formula for an outrageously delicious and authentic chai, paying homage to tradition.

Our roots date back to 1995 before chai was a thing and yes, we were those nineties kids who sold our homemade concoctions at cafes to save up for our next bikes, and that serendipitously turned into the nation’s first craft organic microbrewery.


Can’t get enough? Same. Let’s talk and see how we can get more chai in your hands or storefront.

Reach us at 1-800-636-3790, or email


Our medleys of teas are skillfully brewed in small batches using organic, aromatic spices around the world. We feature signature and artisanal blends to give you the perfect cup at any time. Go on, give it a chai… sorry, that never gets old around here.

Iced Tea & Lemonade

Ready to drink, ready to roll. Our iced tea selections come in concentrate and ready-to-drink options, enough to make for a gathering, or a cheeky on-the-go treat for yourself.

Iced Tea Concentrates

Our exceptional and rejuvenating teas are brewed with premium tea leaves hand-picked from the lush region of Nilgiri, India. We steep them in filtered Rocky Mountain water to give you a flawless brew.

Yerba Maté

Yerba maté is an “herb from the gods”, as the Guarani people called it, and originates from South America. It makes a delicious mate, an herbaceous and botanical-infused tea.