Boba is a popular flavored milk tea drink originating from Taiwan in the early ‘80s. It quickly gained popularity among school children because of the bubbles that formed in the flavored milk tea when it was shaken with ice.

Later, starch pearls or fruit juice spheres were added to these boba teas. Today, boba is widely exported to countries all over the world and can be found in cafes, restaurants, markets, and even food stalls.

There are two main types of boba:

Starch pearls or fruit juice spheres.

Starch pearls, commonly known as ‘tapioca’ or ‘konjac’ boba, is served in a milk tea base. The tapioca pearls are made from cassava root starch and then they are boiled to perfection.

The fruit juice spheres or ‘Popping boba’ is an exciting, fruit juice filled sphere, usually mixed with a fruit tea base.

The boba straw is an essential accessory to enjoy the full experience. The large boba straw will allow access to the boba at the bottom of the cup.

Boba is more than just a delicious drink, it’s an experience.

Our Boba

Real Taiwan Boba: made in Taiwan, from Taiwan

The finest Vietnamese black tea brewed into each can

Non-GMO Ingredients



Milk Tea Classic Boba

Our konjac boba is a must-try! It’s chewy, tasty and satisfying – just what everybody needs a bit more of! These little pearls of happiness bring an extra layer of flavor and texture to your bubble tea that can’t be overlooked. Plus, the satisfaction that comes from being present with every sip is simply purrfect!

Whether you’re enjoying on the go or on the couch the experience of the tapioca boba milk tea will keep you ready and present while drinking, promising a very mindful experience.

Popping Boba

Popping boba is like a dream come true for bubble tea lovers! It’s fruity, soft and oh-so-delicious – definitely something to go crazy for.

The sweet popping sensation that comes from biting into these fruity spheres is simply irresistible. What could be better than adding an extra layer of flavor AND texture to your favorite bubble tea? Not much, if you ask us! It’s an instant hit among all those who know!