This is our story

Our magic happens

where the sun shines 300 days a year, in a town perched among the iconic Flatirons of beautiful Boulder, Colorado (hence why we wanted new bikes). Here, the mountains are our backdrop while we blend and brew and sip, and that’s been our lifestyle.

Our foundation has remained true through time: we make everything we sell, and we have heaps of fun doing it. We champion sustainability, quality and above all, happiness. To be frank, we’re just out here trying to serve up delicious chai that we can all enjoy. We get giddy every morning knowing this is our hustle, and will continue to innovate and make the best premium Organic tea we know. This microbrewery has macro-level dreams, and we are proud to roll with the big dogs in the league of chai businesses and craft beverage world.

MicroBrew Process

Did we mention we believe in microbrewing as an art? All our drinks are handcrafted and made with TLC. We brew in small batches to perfection, maintaining quality, consistency, and freshness.

With our commitment to source the most sustainably-grown and ethically harvested ingredients on Earth, we devote time in mixing our blends down to a science and finesse. There is attention in every stage of the production process — from sourcing our spices, to milling and blending by hand, to brewing the chai in our kettles — to seal the deal with tradition, great taste, and high standard.

Sustainable Choices

Our community is EVERYTHING — we owe it to them for our existence and continued love. That’s why we invest in Fair Trade ingredients, foster sustainable choices in our business practice, and give/support/participate in causes and groups where we can give back. This means, championing social justice programs, and even sponsoring local cycling teams (yes, that’s our logo on those strong biker quads!).

Let’s talk carbon footprint — 100% of the ingredients in our production are composted for local farms in Boulder county. We send over 200K pounds of compost to these organic farmers, saving nearly 260 tons of greenhouse gases from entering our atmosphere. Our facilities are zero-waste and 100% wind-powered to offset our emissions. We love Mother Earth and being kind to her. Some think it’s very Boulder, we believe it’s our responsibility.

Do you have a cause you’d like us to know about? Give us a shout!