Our Story

We know, we know. It’s nearly impossible to imagine life without chai. But in 1995, chai was – actually, chai wasn’t. Back then, you’d say “chai” to someone and they’d glaze over, like you were speaking Ewok. So when we (we being a few kids at a coffee shop) started selling the homemade blends of teas and spices we loved sipping after long training rides and even longer nights (again, we were young, ahem), people probably thought we were nuts.

Most people, anyway. But not Boulder people. In 1995, Boulder, Colorado was already a mecca for sustainable, somewhat “experimental” things, welcoming all kinds of new-comers to an industry they were calling natural foods. And as we were already swimming in a sea of tea and tofu, we set out to make our own mark.

Well, in any case, we set out. To say that we had really grand aspirations is a little grand. We really just wanted to make enough money to buy our next bikes. To do the kind of work that would make us happy. To make something that would make other people happy. Maybe those are grand aspirations themselves, but we really had no idea whether this chai thing was going to catch on. So we stuck to the happiness metric.

Then chai got sticky, too.

Since 1995, Third Street Chai has joined the leagues of the most loved chai in the nation. We’re not feigning humility by saying we’re not quite sure how it happened – because even though we’ve grown, we haven’t changed. We still make everything we sell, just like we used to (guess the pots are a little bigger, now that you mention it). From sourcing to blending to brewing to biking to work, it still happens right here in Boulder. And it’s gonna stay that way.